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Walden Driving School in Calgary

Let’s learn driving from the top-notch instructors in the town. Get your hands on the courses that are affordable and taught under the supervision of qualified and experienced mentors.

Experienced Instructors

Our team of instructors is competent and proficient. They have been associated with the driving schools for a long with the experience and qualification that ensures effective learning.

Range of Courses

We offer a range of courses including the class 5 driving lessons, brush-up courses, and a number of other services. We also provide car rental as well as preparation for basic and advanced road tests.


We are one of Alberta’s most renowned driving schools catering to the needs of every level with an assurance of effective yet affordable driving programs.

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We offer a wide variety of courses including the brush-up course or if you are a beginner, Class 5 courses.

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Our Courses

$ 95

If you are one of such people and looking for a driving school ...
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$ 525

Having a class 7 license and ready to enroll?
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$ 90

Decided to reduce the cost of your car insurance?
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Our Special Offer for You

Brush Up Course

At times, experienced drivers might need help with refreshing their skills or relearning a thing or two.
$ 95 per course
  • Refreshing Your Skills
  • Prepare for Advanced Road Test
  • Experienced, Qualified and Trained Instructors
  • Learn Parallel Park Correctly
Special Offer*

Class 5
GDL Course

Class 5 driving school comprises over 15 hours of theoretical classes and 10 hours of practical lessons.
$ 525 per course, plus tax ($ 550)
  • 15 hours of theoretical classes
  • 10 hours of in-vehicle Practical Lessons
  • Experienced, Qualified and Trained Instructors
  • Excellent Coaching Srategy

Insurance Reduction Course

Get a Discount on your Car Insurance
$ 90 per course
  • Class 5 Basic (GDL) and Advance
  • Winter Driving Course
  • Parking Practice
  • Insurance Reduction Certificate upon successful completion

Are You Looking For A Driving School In Calgary?

Class 5 package “A”

10 hours of in-car lessons and 15 hours of online theory classes.

Lesson for at least two hours each day

Class 5 package “B”

Just 10 hours of in-car lessons


For further information about the courses or enrollment, please contact us.

We do pick up and dropped off service.


If you are looking for a driving school to help you learn driving and meet your expectations you must be looking out for a driving school. You might find a number of driving schools but some might lack experienced instructors or poor quality of designed courses. You don’t need to worry more, Walden Driving School got you sorted. Here is why you should choose us:


You can download driver education guide handbooks provided by the Government of Alberta.

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